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DQ Mania Part 2

2007-12-27 10:18:10 by Carletz

The animation is going quite well, it is 48 seconds long now, and if you liked part 1, wich really sucked, you will definetely like part 2.
I have 4 screenshots. 0/527/firstscreenielt4.png 0/7930/secondscreenshotdg2.png 2/6458/screenie4ta0.png 2/7156/screenie3de6.png

Hope you like these.


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2008-01-16 21:07:31

well, I don't see why you say the 1st one sucked,(it was my favorite stick fight i've seen) but this one looks much better. Make a 3rd one too maybe?

Carletz responds:

A 3rd one is out of question :|
I'm kinda getting bored of animating that blue stick with yellow eyes -_-
Thanks anyway.